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KTT Solutions provides customized IT solutions for your specific organization needs. Rock Hall Consulting (RHc), KTT Solutions' service branch, focuses on providing executive-level expertise on scientific and technological issues for small and medium-sized businesses. RHc virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) will provide expert solutions to an organization IT and business needs. From the vCTO solutions provided, KTT Solutions are equipped to execute the provided solution(s).

Virtual CTO

We are able to provide a virtual CTO to assist in developing strategies for implementing IT, procurement assistance, IT budgeting, disaster recovery planning and many more CTO responsibilities.

Proactive System Maintenance

Our team will provide/perform routine maintenance on your system focusing on error checks and ensuring the latest patches and updates are applied.

24/7 System Monitoring

Our IT professionals will perform 24/7 monitoring and support to your systems and network. We will see to it that the system is secure and perform with efficiancy.

Backup and Recovery

Our team will automate and perform backups to the IT system including databases and applications and will recover as needed. The team will design a disaster recovery plan to reduce your system downtime.

Security Audit and Remediation

Our group will perform routine audits to ensure the system is cyber secure and is performing as expected as well as compliant to federal and state level requirements.

Mobile, Web and Aplications Solutions

Our team has extensive experiences managing, developing and maintaining high-end mobile, web and application systems.

The ART of vCTO:

  • Technology leadership
  • Technology integration
  • Technology marketing
  • Technology analysis
  • Technology roadmap
  • Technology budgeting
  • Technology ROI

The ART of vCTO:

  • Solutions determinations
  • Vendor and provider selection
  • Data Analysis
  • High availability (HA) analysis
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery (DR) analysis
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)


A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for overseeing the current technology assets of a business, as well as the technology direction and vision of an organization.

vCTOs have the experience and expertise to participate in management decisions, communicate technology strategy, oversee research and development and keep up with the latest technology trend, standards and compliance regulations.

vCTO is cost efficient to a small to medium size organizations in handling multiple varying IT responsibilities such as:

  • Evaluate current network infrastructure, including client/staff needs and business goals, to determine what hardware needs to be added or replaced
  • Oversee current technology assets
  • Develop a technology vision for the organization
  • Ensure that technical infrastructure is well-planned and effectively supported
  • Provide assistance with decision-making on all technology-related matters
  • Develop policies
  • Implement procedures
  • Identify trends that could impact business


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